Shihan Kai Organzation Bylaws


  1. Members are expected to be active members of their dojos.
  2. Members must train in traditional kata of Japanese or Okinawan Karate
  3. Each member is expected to continue training by:
    1. attending two seminars of their choice per year
    2. teaching one seminar per year or creating teaching media such as a DVD or online.
    3. keeping a list of books read, media watched and any specialized training that augments their professional growth
    4. Prepare a martial arts resume of ranks received, granting organization, special awards and training seminars attended
  4. Members may belong to any other martial arts group that does not conflict with the goals and aims of the United States Shihan-Kai.
  5. Active instructors must adhere to the following time in grade requirement: Rokudan-6 years as Godan Nanadan-7 years as Rokudan Hachidan-8 years as Nanadan Kudan- 9 years as Hachidan Judan- 10 years as Kudan. The diploma will state that the recipient receives the earned grade in Karate. No special style will be noted on the certificate.
  6. The following titles will be issued:
    Shihan dai will be conferred on those of Godan grade
    Shihan will be conferred on those of Rokudan or Nanadan grade
    Hanshi-will be conferred on those that are Hachidan and above
  7. Belt Colors
    Godan and Rokudan: Red and White paneled or black belt
    Shichidan and Hachidan: Red and Black paneled belt or black belt
    Kudan and Judan: red belt or black belt
  8. Certificates
    The organization will issue the following certificates:
    1. Diplomas
    2. Club and Association Charters
    3. Title Certificates
  9. Sanctions
    Since the main purpose of the organization is educational the USSK wishes to help promoters of seminars by sanctioning events. Each permanent member may apply for a sanction to host a seminar sanctioned by the USSK. There is no fee for a sanction. Members are allowed free entry to the seminar. By issuing a sanction the USSK is not responsible in any way for the content, insurance, and financial obligation of the seminar. These solely rest with the seminar host. The seminar host is free to charge whatever for nonmembers to attend the sanctioned event.
  10. Endorsements
    The USSK may endorse certain martial arts seminars, summer camps etc. There will be a $25 fee for the endorsement.