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Welcome to the United States Shihan Kai Organization. 


Saturday - January 7, 2017

Kobudo - Dynamic Bo Techniques & Throws for Karatekas - learn the hidden throws.


Presentor:  Hanshi Fracchia


Starrs Black Belt Academy

St. Johns the Baptist RC Church

4987 State Route 81

Greenville, NY 12083


1:00 to 4:00 PM

US Shihankai members are free - Non-members $20.00


Contact Kyoshi Tom Starr at starrskarate@exede.net if attending.


United States Shihan Kai Organization  

The United States Shihan Kai Organization (USSK) is primarily a study group of senior ranked karateka in the United States. All members have been graded to at least Godan in traditional karate.

Membership is by recommendation from a current member. Members share their collective knowledge to foster their expertise in karate. USSK sanctioned seminars are free to USSK members. There are no membership fees to join the organization. The USSK also serves as a rank granting organization for members that are no longer affiliated with another association.

Board of Directors:
Tom Starr, Kyoshi-Kyusho-Jitsu/Administrator
Paul Fracchia, Hanshi-Shito Ryu
Michael Rosati, Hanshi-Shorin Ryu
Matt Dorsey, Hanshi-Isshin Ryu

Technical Advisor: Chuck Merriman